High Concept Labs - Resident Artist

In Fall 2017 Jessica is an HCL resident artist. 

“I hear your tongue when you talk. I can feel it moving. The resting tension of your jaw. I feel that too. In my body, like you were there as part of me. When I listen attentively to your voice, my body echoes yours. Sometimes, I can’t switch it off. I become so caught up in the physical experience of another person – entering their experience through their voice - I get lost in the other.” The first phase of my residency at HCL will include a series of “sensory interviews” which seek to enter the embodied practices of others through enacting, touching and practicing. Interviewees will consent to try to share something of ‘what their body knows how to do’. The documentations and practice inspired by these interviews will form a body of research which is intended to lead to both creative and scholarly outcomes. In the second phase of the residency I will develop a new solo piece for vocalizing, moving performer, utilizing material gleaned from the first phase, exploring themes of bodily echoes and sensory limit points.