Grafter with Jenna Lyle

Grafter is a work for two vocalists, live electronics, and hanging speakers. An early 15-minute version of Grafter was premiered as part of the Resonant Bodies Festival in New York in September of 2015, which we (Jenna Lyle and Jessica Aszodi) continue to expand as we tour it as a multivalent evening-length work. Iterations of the work have been featured at Omaha Under the Radar, San Diego's Space for Art, Beloit College WI, and Chicago's Constellation and Elastic Arts. The process of expanding Grafter exploits two very different vocal practices and backgrounds, as we exchange methods of vocal production and sensation in the body to craft a holistic work utilizing the physical body as a responsive apparatus to physical and environmental stimuli. Grafter represents the objectification of the performer’s experience of her own body and that body in space, with other people. As she moves toward the audience, sound production methods and the environment surrounding the voice progress through a series of changes that highlight spatial depth as an analog to personal relation.