Grafter with Jenna Lyle

Grafter is an evolving practice, collaboratively developed by Jessica Aszodi &
Jenna Lyle that places heightened focus on the physical act of sound
production, its material sitedness, and the connectivity between the many
layered activities of embodying. The artists created the work through a series of
experiments, aimed at intentionally embodying the other; they instructed one
another in the tools and techniques each already possessed, to come to a
place of mutual embodied knowledge (for example Lyle, with her background
in dance, teaching Aszodi cheerleading throws, or Aszodi, with her operatic
training, teaching Lyle to alter the amplification of specific vocal formants). Most
iterations of the work manifest in a gallery or theatre as a performance featuring
voice, movement and electronics.
The gestural language of the work fuses sounds and movements
together; placing energetic focus on particular body areas, as they alter sonic
outcomes through choreographic and electronic affectation of vocal tone.
Drawing upon the performer’s lived experience in diverse practices (opera,
contemporary dance, electro-acoustic music, music composition, extended
vocal techniques, and cheerleading), the performers vocalize and move, while
manipulating the sounds through physical interferences both fleshy and
electronic. They sing and move while subject to shared extremities of stimulus,
like hanging upside-down, while held in the air, with closed eyes, with
microphones feeding back or in complete darkness, pushing their bodies and
voices to points of crisis that produce new experiences. They echolocate,
produce vocal feedback, and generate noise, through listening, moving and
touching. Grafter is a space to contemplate the hand-stitched-togetherness of
voices, with the material that makes and moves them.

grafter mics.png
grafter stretch.png
grafter throw.png