Vagus Correspondences

Vagus Correspondences is an ongoing collaborative performance project by performer/composers Kathryn Williams (flute) and Jessica Aszodi (voice). The “vagus nerve” is the longest and most complex cranial nerve, responsible for vital sensory activities and motor information within the body. Vagus’ musical materials are derived from correspondences that Jess and Kathryn keep up across their travels, writing to each other most days with instructions for physical exercise, ideas for pieces, advice for how to conduct ourselves in the world, or confessional journal entries. We seek to influence one another’s bodies, habits and techniques through a cross-fertilization of physical, artistic and psychological actions. The first workshop for the piece produced a hyper-personal, high intensity music theatre work, in which Jess and Kathryn clicked their heels, read each other’s journals, held their breath under water after intense exercise, played their instruments and did an awful lot of clapping. Further iterations of the piece are slated for performances in Australia and London, later in 2019.