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High Concept Labs Resident Artist Showing

Fall 2017 Sponsored Artist Jessica Aszodi presents a workshop showing and reception at High Concept Labs. The program includes:

Eli Namay/Jessica Aszodi Duo
Repeat audient – an audience participation experiment
this instruments – Jessica Aszodi composer/performer
Underglass – Jessica Aszodi composer, Performed by Hannah Barco, Nick Merryhew & Jessica Aszodi

“I hear your tongue when you talk. I can feel it moving. The resting tension of your jaw. I feel that too. In my body, like you were there as part of me. When I listen attentively to your voice, my body echoes yours. Sometimes, I can’t switch it off. I become so caught up in the physical experience of another person – entering their experience through their voice – I get lost in the other.”