Photo by Prudence Upton

Photo by Prudence Upton

Staged music


Elliot Carter

  • What Next? (Rose) LP

Iain Grandage

  • The Riders (Jennifer) WP

Andre Gretry

  • L'Amant Jaloux (Jacinte) LP

Elliot Gyger

  • Fly Away Peter (Imogen) WP

G. F. Handel

  • Guilio Cesare (Sesto)

  • Serse (Atalanta-cover)

Liza Lim

  • Atlas of the Sky (WP)

Gian Carlo Menotti

  • The Medium (Monica)

W. A. Mozart

  • Il Re pastore (Aminta)

  • Don Giovanni (Elvira)

Claudio Monteverdi

  • Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (Clorinda)

  • L’incoronazione di Poppea (Amore)

Giacomo Puccini

  • Suor Angelica (Novizia)

Henry Purcell

  • Dido and Aeneas (1st witch)

Maurice Ravel

  • L’Enfant et les Sortilèges (Bat/Little owl/shepherdess)

Antonio Salieri

  • Prima la musica, poi le parole (Donna Eleonora)

Augusta Read Thomas

  • Sweet Potato Kicks the Sun (Sweet Potato) -in development.

Erik Satie

  • Socrates (Socrates, Albiciade and Phedre)

Karlkeinz Stockhausen

  • Dienstag aus Licht (Eve) LP

Richard Strauss

  • Ariadne auf Naxos (Echo)

William Walton

  • The Bear (Popova)

Kurt Weill

  • Seven Deadly Sins (Anna) 

Concert Music


Michael Bertram

  • Mass (WP)

Eliza Brown

  • Soundwalk for Resi (WP)

David Chisholm

  • The role of Siren/Angel in Kursk (WP)

Ruth Crawford

  • Chant One

Morton Feldman

  • Rothko Chapel

Martin Friedel

  • Electric Songs (WP)

Percy Grainger

  • Tribute to Foster

Gerard Grisey

  • Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil (LP)

Graham Hair

  • Lament for Santa Sophia

  • Nunc Dimitis

Elena Kats-Chernin

  • Eliza's aria from Wild Swans

Gyorgy Ligeti

  • Aventures

Gustav Mahler

  • Das Lied von der Erde (arr. Schoenberg)

Christian Mason

  • The years of light (WP)

Catherine Milliken

  • Earth Plays (LP)

  • D'accord (WP)

Seung-Won Oh

  • Aphonic Dialogue (LP)

Carl Orff

  • Carmina Burana #

Thomas Reiner

  • Lacan: ein Lehrstuck (WP)

Igor Stravinsky

  • Les Noces


Jessica Aszodi, Rohan Drape, Alex Garsden

  • Four suns and a whole sky on fire (WP)

Jessica Aszodi and Jenna Lyle

  • Grafter (WP)

Ylva Lund Bergner

  • The illuminated traces of Ligeia (Nena) (WP)

John Cage

  • Selections from the Song Books

  • Radio Music

  • Living room music #

Carolyn Chen

  • The Little Mermaid (WP)

  • We are superstars (WP)

  • Hoods (The role Hekabe/Wolf) (WP)

  • How to assemble

Nomi Epstein

  • Text Series # 6, Glissando

Wally Gunn

  • The Slaves (WP)

Yvette Jackson

  • The unbroken circle - Doreen's aria (WP)

 Maricio Kagel

  • Ludwig Van

Jenna Lyle

  • Plank Rodeo (LP)

Clint McCallum

  • Final Girl (WP)

Cyrus Muerant

  • Envy (Wanda Webb-Holloway) (WP)

 Robert Pierzak

  • Passage (A death) (WP)

 David Shea

  • Solo duo (WP)

  • Tales of the silk road (WP)

Dylan Sheridan

  • From the garden of sad dreams (WP)

Jeffrey Trevino

  • Orbiting (Jane/Mia) WP

Jennifer Walshe

  • XXX Live Nude Girls (Voice 2) LP


Photo by Yonatan Aljadeff

Photo by Yonatan Aljadeff

Concert Music (Cont.) 


Attilio Ariosti

  • Pur al fin gentil viola

Louis-Nicolas Clerambault

  • Medée #

 Antonin Dvorak

  • Stabat Mater

G. F. Handel

  • Messiah

Heinrich von Herzogenburg

  • Christmas Oratorio

  • Requiem

W. A. Mozart

  • Requiem

  • Great mass in C minor

  • Missa solemnis

  • Regina coeli

Henry Purcell

  • The Fairy Queen #

Robert Schumann

  • Requiem

Heinrich Schütz

  • German Requiem

  • Christmas Oratorio #

Antonio Vivaldi

  • Gloria

SOLOS  (with, or without electronics)

Natasha Anderson

  • More (WP)

Jessica Aszodi

  • this instruments (WP)

John Cage

  • Aria

Sivan Cohen Elias

  • Training Course (WP)

Chris Dench

  • Diurnal (WP)

Morton Feldman

  • Only

  • Three voices

Alexander Garsden

  • [ja] Maser (WP)

John Holland

  • Solo

Jeanette Little

  • Mechanical Bride (WP)

Joan Pamies

  • Foundation I (WP)

Anthony Pateras

  • Prayer for Nil (WP)

James Rushford

  • the fabric of wind (WP)

 Bruno Ruviaro

  • Unspell (WP)

Michael Smetanin

  • Songs from the theatre (for sop. & tape) (WP)

Ori Talmon

  • Three visits to Meun (WP)

Jennifer Walshe



Johannes Brahms

  • 2 Lieder for voice, viola and piano

Elliott Carter

  • Of challenge and of love #

Iannis Christou

  • T.S. Eliot Songs (LP)

George Crumb

  • The Sleeper

Luigi Dallapiccola

  • Quattro Liriche di Antonio Machado (LP)

  • Tre poemi #

Robert Dahm

  • Holderlin Fragments (WP)

Claude Debussy

  • Various melodie

Paul Dessau

  • Various songs

Nicholas Deyoe

  • 5 McCallum Songs (LP)

John Dowland

  • Various Songs

Hans Eisler

  • Various songs

Mohammed Fairouz

  • Refugee Blues (LP)

  • Posh (LP)

Andrew Ford

  • Golden Slumbers

Keith Humble

  • Cabaret Songs

  • Fragments of War Poems

Charles Ives

  • Various songs

Sarah Kirkland Snider

  • How graceful some things are falling apart

Gyorgy Ligeti

  • Der Sommer

Olivier Messiaen

  • Chant de terre et de ciel

  • Harawi #

  • Vocalise

Gustav Mahler

  • 5 Ruckert lieder

Francis Poulenc

  • Tel jour, telle nuit

Maurice Ravel

  • 5 Greek songs

  • Chanson Madecasse

Max Reger

  • Various Songs

Erik Satie

  • Chanson de Caf Conc’#

Robert Schumann

  • Liederkreis 0p. 39

  • Spaniches Liederspiel #

Anton Webern

  • 3 Lieder nach Gedichten von Hildegard Jone

Claude Vivier

  • Hymnen an die nacht (LP)



by Weill, Sondheim, Lerner and Loewe, Berlin, Piaf, Porter, Howard, Rogers, Porter, The Beatles...




WP = World Premiere

LP = Local Premiere

All works performed complete in public, unless marked with #

Photo by Alex Karjaka

Photo by Alex Karjaka

Concert Music (Cont.)


Anahita Abbasi

  • Incipio, bibo (WP)

Patricia Allessandrini

  • Wie bin ich Froh (LP)

  • Spento e già in me l'ardore (LP)

Louis Andriessen

  • Letter from Cathy

Matthew Aucoin

  • This Earth (LP)

Andrew Batt-Rawden

  • Les Mots (for voice and piano) (WP)

Alban Berg

  • Seven Early Songs

  • Lied der Lulu

Pierre Boulez

  • Improvisation sur Mallarmé II

  • Le Marteau sans Maitre

Benjamin Britten

  • Les Illuminations #

  • Three songs for Les Illuminations (orch. Colin Matthews) (LP)

  • Cabaret songs

  • Various Folksongs

John Cage

  • The wonderful widow of 18 Springs

Luciano Berio

  • Folksongs

  • Agnus dei

  • 4 Canzoni popolari

Yeung-Ping Chen

  • Stars and Moon. Cloud and you (WP)

David Chisholm

  • The beginning and the end of the snow (WP)

  • The role of Persephone in Parlour Tricks (WP)

George Crumb

  • Madrigals #

Robert Dahm

  • Bone Preacher (WP)

Chris Dench

  • An Hypallage (WP)

Julius Eastman

  • Stay on it (LP)

Karólína Eiríksdóttir

  • Leikur hún á lokkinn (WP)

Mohammed Fairouz

  • Unwritten (LP)

Andrew Ford

  • The birthday of my life

Morton Feldman

  • For Franz Kline

Beat Furrer

  • Invocation VI

  • Auf Tonernen Fussen

  • Aria (LP)

Percy Grainger

  • Various Folksong arrangements

Sofia Gubaidulina

  • Hommage à T.S. Eliot (LP)

Elliot Gyger

  • A Church Made of Glass (WP)

Robert Honstein

  • We choose to go to the moon (WP)

Jack Hughes

  • Two poems for soprano and cello (WP)

Liza Lim

  • Atlas of the Sky (WP)

Lisa Illean

  • Cantor (WP)

Ernst Krenek

  • Wechselied zum Tanz

David Lang

  • I had no reason (from The difficulty of crossing a field)

Helmut Lachenmann

  • Got Lost (LP)

  • temA

Gyorgy Ligeti

  • Síppal, doppal, nádihegedűvel

Helen Gifford

  • The tears of things (WP)

  • London Revisited (WP)

James Matheson

  • Songs of desire, love and loss (LP)

David Clay Mettens

  • He dreamed a mother (LP)

Elizabeth Lutyens

  • Exerpta tractati logico-philosophici

Ruben Naeff

  • Fill the present day with joy (WP)

Kate Neal

  • Hourly Scrutinising (WP)

Martijn Padding

  • Nicht eilen nicht schleppen (LP)

Thomas Reiner

  • Dust

Terry Riley

  • In C

Augusta Read Thomas

  • Plea for Peace (WP)

Steve Reich

  • Tehilm

  • Music for 18

James Rushford

  • La Madre (WP)

Bruno Ruviaro

  • Clippings

Frederick Rzewski

  • Coming together

Kaija Saariaho

  • Il Pleut

  • Die Aussicht

Giacinto Scelsi

  • Pranam

Arnold Schoenberg

  • Nachtwandler

  • Pierrot Lunaire #

 Salvatorre Sciarrino

  • Vanitas (LP)

Aaron Siegel

  • Brother, brother (LP)

Ori Talmon

  • borders - collapse: collapse; (LP)

James Tenny

  • In a wide open space

Galina Ustwolskaya

  • Symphony Number 4

Riccardo Vaglini

  • Agnus Dei (WP)

Yiheng Yvonne Wu

  • Four poems of Li-Young Lee (WP)